Breakthrough Prayer

I love God and tend to be a hard-working, creative person, yet I still can find myself sweating and digging, confined in that same old circular trench. I imagine our Lord Jesus sitting on the edge of that trench saying,

Are you done yet? When you get over yourself, follow me.

The Breakthrough Prayer and Scriptures that follow have helped me to wake up, get over myself, and be straightened out.

When I do awaken and find that I’ve dug myself into that comfortably familiar, circular trench –digging the stuff in it more than I love God — then, I just stop and let Jesus embrace me. After this, I let go of the shovel, begin to follow him afresh, and let Him straighten me out.

Breakthrough Prayer

Almighty God, as we forsake former ways and things, recommitting and rededicating ourselves to You as our First Love, we pray for the Holy Spirit to penetrate our lives in a fresh and renewing way.

Break through into our hearts, Lord, that they may be renewed, revived, and emboldened to go forward into the joy of accomplishing that which cannot do ourselves.

As we seek You with all our heart, give us courage to trust and to step out as good soldiers into the unknown, into the way we may not now see, but are promised You are making – with streams of abundant provision.

By Your Spirit, we will have faith in the fulfillment of Your gracious promise to lead us step by step, little by little, into Your plans for a future of hope!

All to Your glory, through Christ our Lord. Amen

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