I Love Tanzania Mission

In less than two years, our brother and sister in Christ, Hassan and Judith, will return to the Tanzanian mission field. At that time, Judith’s nursing training will be completed along with channels for sustainable mission support. Community Church has the privilege of serving as one of these channels. We have known and loved this family for seven years. They are a Jesus centered family of humility and integrity. None of us will forget when the bishops of Hassan’s Tanzanian Mennonite Church came to Community Church to ordain him.

Now, Hassan and Judith are more intensely planning for their mission back in Tanzania. They will thoroughly utilize the training they received here in the United States. Hassan, an experienced evangelist and now an ordained pastor, will serve as a leader of a strategic mission team. Judith will most likely serve as a field nurse in the targeted mission regions.

In these next 2 years, Community Church will work with Hassan, Judith, and the Tanzanian church to develop a channel for their mission support.

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