He Touched Them and Me & Made Us Whole.


▪ Everyone in the congregation is touched by Jesus and brought into a greater wholeness.

▪ This wholeness includes an increased closeness to one another.

▪ That each of us stewards our new personal and congregational wholeness.

▪ That we commit to extend holy hands individually and together to the untouchable, unhealable, and unlovable in 2021.

Stewardship Season Schedule

And Jesus Touched…

9/27.  …Away My Shame. 

Stewarding our reality and identity in Christ

10/4.  …Blessing Our Children. 

Stewarding our children in this increasingly challenged time.

Whiz Kids begins October 6.


10/11. …Away My Emotional Oppression. 

Stewarding our thoughts and emotions

10/18. …Away My Sickness and Disability.

Stewarding our health and body.

10/25. …Away My Possessiveness.

Stewarding our approach to people and stuff.

11/1. …Us and Made Us Whole

Consecration Sunday


“And Jesus Touched…” 

He Touched Me & Made Me Whole.


Throughout the Gospels, Jesus touch the Untouchable and brought healing into their lives.  In our present socially distanced, Covid-19 era, we need his personal and enliving touch.

We have and will continue to declare that God is faithful, have faith, be faithful. Also, we will regularly stand and proclaim, “God will get me through, and I will become more faithful because of God.”

On All Together Blessed Sunday, September 13, we shared how God has brought us through and how we have become perhaps a bit more faithful because of God in this time.  This will be an important pause and interlude as we prepare to face the fall and winter.  

If Covid continues more intensely in the fall and winter, I believe that our greatest ongoing need as a congregation will be cohesion and togetherness in Christ.  Minds and hearts become foggy and people drift when things not only linger but become more intense.

Our congregation is missing what our society is missing: handshakes, embraces, and touch in general.

As a result, the Stewardship season and Consecration Sunday theme is “And Jesus Touched.” Because of the age of our congregation, the song He Touched Me will be central.

How can there be real touch in the absence of physical touch? 

How has Jesus touched us? How is Jesus touching us? How may we touch one another in Jesus name? 

In the midst of social distancing, as the song goes, “He touched me and made me whole.”  Since we will continue to experience transition, we will be broken. Change breaks. 

▪Without the touch of Jesus, we naturally withdraw into our “hole”; our hurts, habits, and hang-ups intensify (relational, financial…). 

▪With the touch of Jesus, our present challenge can be God opportune.  Through Christ’s touch, we can overcome the hurts, habits, and hang-ups we previously hid, “managed,” and coddled before Covid-19.  We will become whole and more faithful because of God!

▪Also, although physically apart, when we encourage Jesus to touch us, He touches us together and makes us whole. We will focus more on our Core 4 grow together tasks:  

• #1. Sunday livestream or DVD,

• Facebook page and devotions, 

• calling at least one person in the congregation each week.

▪ giving tithe, offerings, and time faithfully

–and deepen (watching the live stream service –> interacting, calling –> praying with others, Facebook devotions –> commenting, etc.)

Scriptural Backstory.

Jesus extended His Holy hand and touched the untouchable, healed the unhealable, and loved the unlovable.

In contrast, the religious leaders withdrew from such people to protect and maintain their false sense of holiness.  They withdrew from the holy presence of the Lord Jesus into an unholy black hole out of which exploded the murder of the Son of God.

Jesus their unrecognized Christ allowed His holy body to be torn open to grant a direct relationship with God for those who did believe.  Finally, embracing His own with His forgiveness, identity, and inheritance, the newly risen Lord Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit into His newly re-created disciples.  He, the Holy One of God, took they who were unholy and made them holy, whole people to extend holy hands to the untouchable, unhealable, and unlovable of all nations and make disciples.

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