The Mission of Community United Methodist Church is to unite and overflow with grace, presenting Jesus as we go, so making dozens of new disciples.

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Your Pastor

Fritz Merkes

Welcome to Community United Methodist Church! I remember walking into a church during a very challenging time in my life. I was greeted, not ignored. I was loved, and not pushed. Over time, through those caring people, Jesus healed me of my fear and bitterness. I believe Community United Methodist Church can be such a place of grace for you. So, welcome - more than this, welcome home.

Born in 1963.  Married to Claire in 1987.  Two Adult Sons:  Wesley and Will. Master of Divinity. Doctor of Ministry. Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore KY. Master of Arts. Biblical Studies. Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

Looking for a Jesus-focused church overflowing with caring, loving, and serving people? You found it!


Sunday Service Time

10:30am: a mix of traditional and contemporary type of services with a sermon, scripture, prayers, and your favorite hymns.


Coffee Hour


After the service, you can interact with other people and enjoy great coffee, cookies and conversation.



The first Sunday of every month, we have Communion. Everyone is welcome to the table of grace.

If you have difficulty with stairs — no worries — we have a lift that can take you up to the Sanctuary or down to the basement.


Do you have children? Awesome! We have the place for them to learn about God in unique and fun ways.

Kids In Christ Service (KICS)

For 3 years old up to High School.  The kids will start with you. After the announcements, Pastor will invite all the kids up front, say something inspirational and do a blessing over them. The kids will then leave the service with the KICS leaders – usually with high fives from the congregation as they leave.


Available for children up to 3 years of age. The children will be well cared for by two loving adults who will read to them and share all about God.


339 Meyer Avenue, Dayton, OH 45431


Office Hours 12:30PM TO 4:30PM

Monday - Friday

RTA Bus Route 2 & 11