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AND JESUS TOUCHED… He Touched Them and Me & Made Us Whole. Goals.   ▪ Everyone in the congregation is touched by Jesus and brought into a greater wholeness. ▪ This wholeness includes an increased closeness to one another. ▪ That each of us stewards our new personal and congregational wholeness. ▪ That we commit to … Read more

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Cornerstone Fall Newsletter

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Sept – Oct 2020 Attachments Fall Newsletter File size: 2 MB Downloads: 177

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Welcome to Community

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How is your Community Church approaching the Corona virus situation?

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How is your Community Church approaching the Corona virus situation?1. Pastor Fritz will daily post on the Community United Methodist Church Riverside Facebook page through the end of March. 2. Pastor Fritz and the Board will keep updated through reliable sources, consult local officials, and make decisions accordingly. 3. Our Church will remain open on … Read more

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The greatest gift for your family, church, and world in 2020 is an increasingly faithful you.

By CommunityUMC | Dec 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

  They will experience Christ through the ways God is changing you. The New Year is upon us. How will you become more faithful in January and February? Immediately you may think: Take more classes, get more involved, serve in new ways… Yet, if you remain unchanged, handling yourself and others in the same old … Read more

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I Love Tanzania – The Journey to Winning Souls to Christ

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The Mennonite Theological College of Eastern Africa (MTCEA) in Musoma, Tanzania; in Collaboration with the Community United Methodist Church of Dayton, Ohio, USA Join hands with the Tanzania Mennonite Church in the Eastern Diocese TO PLANT THE FIRST MENNONITE CONGREGATION IN SONGEA. Pastor Peter and Joyce Rajoro who will be leading the church planting team … Read more

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I Love Tanzania Mission

By CommunityUMC | Jun 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

In less than two years, our brother and sister in Christ, Hassan and Judith, will return to the Tanzanian mission field. At that time, Judith’s nursing training will be completed along with channels for sustainable mission support. Community Church has the privilege of serving as one of these channels. We have known and loved this … Read more

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Breakthrough Prayer

By CommunityUMC | Aug 28, 2018 | 0 Comments

I love God and tend to be a hard-working, creative person, yet I still can find myself sweating and digging, confined in that same old circular trench. I imagine our Lord Jesus sitting on the edge of that trench saying, Are you done yet? When you get over yourself, follow me. The Breakthrough Prayer and … Read more

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